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Expedia Promo Codes and The Five Most Exciting Hotels for Children

One Free Expedia Promo Code For Our Readers: Traveling with children can be challenging, but a great, child-friendly hotel can turn many of those challenges into opportunities.  The following five hotels offer family-friendly entertainment, fantastical décor and exhilarating activity packages. Expedia even has a dedicated app-only promotion for family vacation packages here at  Spanning the globe from a shopping mall in Canada to a tropical island in the Caribbean, these hotels are kid-approved attractions in their own right. Travelling with children can be a challenge, but a good pair of tv headphones can help things go smoothly. Fantasyland Hotel Edmonton, Canada Located inside the monolithic West Edmonton Mall, the Fantasyland Hotel offers a unique variety of themed rooms that appeal to the daydreams of… Read the rest

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Save on a fall trip to nearby Chattanooga with a Travelocity Coupon

Use a Travelocity Coupon to get a deal on hotels, flights, and car rentals Even though Chattanooga isn’t a long distance from Nashville, you can make the most out of your trip by using a coupon to save whether you decide to fly there, stay a few days in a hotel, or rent a car for your exploring. We found a great Travelocity coupon that can be used for any of the above things, which would leave you with some extra money to spend on activities or a night out! Here’s a site we found that has valid codes: Historical Chattanooga isn’t far from Nashville and makes for a wonderful trip in the fall. In fact, Chattanooga is seen as one of the best… Read the rest

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5 Great Cities and The Importance of GoDaddy Domain Renewal Coupons

When you think of an urban vacation, a handful of specific cities come to mind.  The glittering lights of New York City, the music-drenched streets of Nashville, Chicago pizza, Los Angeles glamour, or Las Vegas gambling.  However, if you’re looking for something that’s a little different than these tried-and-true vacation destinations, here are five cities you probably haven’t visited, but definitely should. Update: Apparently their official tourist website expired and isn’t working. I guess they didn’t use a site like We hope the site comes back soon. You can also use other coupon sites for 35% off new products. Or you can try St. Petersburg, FL Often overlooked for neighboring Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg is a beach city with thriving nightlife and an… Read the rest

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Hotel Promo Codes and More Fun Things to Do in Nashville

Hotel Promo Codes For Nearly Every Nashville Hotel! Nashville Tennessee is often referred to Music City because of a rich history in the music industry. Nashville is also the state capitol and has a lot of political history as well. The city is full of culture, great food, unforgettable hotels and…did we mention the music? On top of that, Nashville is a relatively inexpensive tourist destination when you consider hotel room rates, restaurant prices and transportation costs. And if you use a hotel promo code, you can save even more off your total cost for the trip. Grand Ole Opry The Grand Ole Opry started as a radio broadcast back in 1925 and is still providing live entertainment to millions of people today. It is… Read the rest

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Delightful Taste of Top Class Entertainment and Cuisine in Nashville

A Delightful Taste of Top Class Entertainment and Cuisine in Nashville Whenever you decide to visit Nashville, be assured that you will experience the very best in entertainment and cuisine. As a matter of fact these two services are so intertwined in this great city you get to enjoy both of them at the same time in most of the restaurants in the towns. To make sure you don’t go too far to enjoy them both here are some of the best places where you can dine and listen to invigorating music.   The city that pulsates with exciting tunes and delicious cuisine Nashville has been fondly called “Music City” and rightly so when one ponders the fact that tourists are given a treat to… Read the rest

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The Best Unique Hotels in Nashville

Nashville hotels are offer excellent accommodations. They have their own unique attractions, sightseeings and landmarks. The hotels provide fine dining, entertainment, shopping, and many more. And if you use a promo code from Expedia, then it’s even better Nashville is Tennessee’s capital and also the center for music, banking, transportation, and health care. Here are three of the most popular hotels in Nashville. Hotel Preston Hotel Preston is located 3 miles from Nashville Airport and a few miles from downtown Opryland. The Hotel Preston has 196 guestrooms artistically designed with wide windows to see the lovely city views. The working areas feature large desks and swivel chairs for your convenience. Some in-room amenities include the bubble bath and toy, pet kit, and romantic notions. There… Read the rest

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Things to Do in Nashville

Nashville is known as the Music City. It is a major location for music production and recording. Many recording companies have their offices in this city. Musicians and songwriters travel to this town to pursue their dreams of becoming a music star. Many live music events and concerts are being held especially during April to September. And if you use of Priceline’s express deals, it becomes even more affordable. The Music City Independence day Concert Spectacular is Nashville’s biggest event. It is held every July 4, at the downtown Riverfront Park. People can enjoy many live event concerts performed by well-known artists and musicians while watching the fireworks displays. For all food lovers, Nashville is also home to so many restaurants. These restaurants offer… Read the rest