Delightful Taste of Top Class Entertainment and Cuisine in Nashville

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A Delightful Taste of Top Class Entertainment and Cuisine in Nashville

Whenever you decide to visit Nashville, be assured that you will experience the very best in entertainment and cuisine. As a matter of fact these two services are so intertwined in this great city you get to enjoy both of them at the same time in most of the restaurants in the towns. To make sure you don’t go too far to enjoy them both here are some of the best places where you can dine and listen to invigorating music.


The city that pulsates with exciting tunes and delicious cuisine

Nashville has been fondly called “Music City” and rightly so when one ponders the fact that tourists are given a treat to all types of music provided by the equally impressive array of restaurants that dot many areas of the city. Here are some of the best places you can visit during your stay:

· Downtown – SoBro: this is where food and music never cease to amuse visitors seven nights a week with an offering of an assortment of late night fare that continue to be delivered right up till midnight. Patrons are permitted to carry away their food choices if they decide to continue their dining at home for the rest of the evening.
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· Downtown – Broadway: this is where visitors are able to sample the historical character of Nashville’s unique and unmatched heritage. Visitors will get to enjoy talent displays of live stage performances by music groups, duets and solo artists.

· B.B. King’s Blues Club and Restaurant: If you are a “Blues” fan, this is the right place to be at to the enjoy the best musical blues and enjoy a dining out experience you’ll never forget. The music is soul enriching and the food tasty and filling.

· Downtown –Second Avenue: if you happen to be a connoisseur of fine cuisine this is the right avenue to visit. The dishes offered here are especially delicious and where people of all ages can enjoy. This special treat is enhanced by the live music which is both agreeable and relaxing.

· Downtown – Second Avenue: If you fancy a combination of live exciting music, alcoholic drinks such as spirits, local and imported beers, this is the right place to visit. If you happen to be interested in sampling great food, they can provide an upscale menu of appetizers and food that will satisfy your appetite.

· General Jackson Showboat: This is one of the most unique music venues that you can find in a city which is full of surprises. The venue is a foot paddle wheel riverboat of 300 feet long which has been converted to accommodate a totally musical venue where you spend hours listening to different types of tunes.

· Bluebird Café: This is another one of the highly popular all music venues that can be found in the city. It is one of the most popular venues that feature potential musical talents as well as songwriters of hit songs. It values total privacy and focus on musical talents and provides a special listening room. In addition to hit music, the café owners also provide sumptuous and delicious cuisine.

· Downtown –Printers Alley: Blues music is the specialty of this music venue which is also labelled as a legendary hotspot for live blues music. You can enjoy your favourite blues music each and every day for a happy hour’s entertainment. Great food and drink is served every day from 11 am in the morning to 3am. Added to this treat is a free offering of an appetizer, a free drink and more blues music.

· Café Coco – Elliston Place: This is the right place to visit when you are fan of fresh foods and coffee. The joint offers these servings night and day 24/7 and the only difference it has with a regular café is that everything is mingled together with live music. It’s in fact a three-in-one joint that satisfies patrons with coffee, music and delicious meals. It is usually packed but has enough space to manage the numbers.

· Café Fontanella – Metro Center North Nashville: Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? If so this is exactly where you should go to enjoy an authentic Italian menu experience that doesn’t stop at just fine cuisine. The café also provides live music for patrons with their ever popular Bluesday Tuesday, a famous entertainment display of fine live music.

· City Winery –Downtown – SoBro: This venue is found at 609 La Fayette Street a short distance from Jack White’s Man Records HQ. The most awesome thing about this venue is its listening space that can seat 300 music lovers and a 100 or more seats for a restaurant where patrons can enjoy upscale cuisine. Added to this is the availability of a winery space that can accommodate private family parties and receptions.

· The Country – End/Elliston Place: Here is where you find warm and friendly faces of true blue Nashville residents who are strong drinkers and friendly hosts. This is also a venue where you will find live music offered on stage every night. It’s here that you will get to listen to music produced by talented local writers and proven bands that play favourite music for you.

· Hard Rock Café –Downtown – SoBro: Here is where you can feast on sumptuous American cuisine and listen to great local live music staged at the Hard Rock Café. It’s a treat you shouldn’t miss out on.

These are but only some of the venues where you can enjoy top class music and exquisite cuisine along with the spirits, wine or beer.

If you are looking for more, Nashville won’t disappoint as it also has other activities you can engage in or sights you can view with friends or family. You can visit the Country Muick Hall of Fame or get a glimpse of the RCA Studio B where renowned artists such as Elvis, Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton recorded their popular songs. If you’ve had enough of the music and cuisine for now, take a stroll and visit the Parthenon or take time off to shop in the city’s myriad shopping centres and modern malls plus many other exciting things that are there for you to enjoy.

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