How to Have a Lucid Dream in…Nashville?

How to Have a Lucid Dream in…Nashville?

How to Have a Lucid Dream – Coming Soon

Ever been at least a little curious about lucid dreaming? We found a lucid dreaming seminar coming to Nashville later this month entitled “How to Lucid Dream“, an 8-hour workshop taught by some of the leading experts in the field.


What makes someone an expert on lucid dreaming? Never mind, we won’t ask. But it could be a really fun, quirky, amazing night if you’re open to it.

The seminar is drop-in only and is being held on January 30th. $100 at the door, $150 for two people.


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Want to Increase Creativity? Daydream Your Muse Awake

Creativity drips from muse to dream the moment you shut your eyes. Wild animals, castles, and exotic people flood your mindscape. Awaken, though, and your muse flees with your imagination — if only she worked the day shift too. Luckily, she does. Let your mind go, and she will stock your daydreams with gems.

Why your muse is shy

The shyness of your muse is a misconception. She’s not bashful; she just needs the right conditions before she can appear. Stress, logic, and determination turn her off.

Your muse works best when she’s not under pressure. Those pleasant thoughts that drift into each other during daydreaming are gateways for creativity.


How to daydream more

Escalate daydreaming, and your creativity will rise. Easier said than done? Perhaps not. Daydreaming isn’t hard, nor should it be. Indeed, the less you try, the smoother your fall into a state of wide-awake dreaming.

Forcing your muse won’t work; you have to entice her out. Create a pathway along which she can tread by beginning thoughts with “what if.” “What if the spider web hanging from the window caught a tiny pirate?” or “What if the sun fell from the sky and rolled down the hill?” Entertain such silly thoughts since they are creative and will pave the way for more of the same.

Let tempting your muse to rise be your goal. After all, you can’t drag her into the spotlight under duress. But once she’s active, streams of ideas will follow.